Concierge Security and Private Security Services

Professional, Personable Concierge Security in Syracuse, New York.

Freeland believes that concierge security services should be reliable, professional, and welcoming.

We partner with your facilities management team to help your staff and customers feel safer and happier as a result of Freeland’s vigilance and service.

Positive Community Impact

Our senior team of experienced law enforcement and public safety experts are committed to positively impacting each person they encounter. Freeland not only wants to keep your facility secure, but also works to improve the security of the community as a whole. 

Diversity of Experience

Freeland’s Security Ambassadors are chosen based on their contribution to our team’s vast diversity of professional experience and for their proven commitment to conflict resolution. 

Calm and Confident Conflict Resolution

In addition to providing innovative training for state-of-the-art security tools and techniques, Freeland also regularly provides opportunities to perfect our de-escalation and customer service skills. 

“FREELAND Investigations’ concierge service is second to nonE!”

— Jay L.


Virgil Hutchinson founded Freeland with the vision of transforming the private security industry into a concierge protection service to contribute a culture of safety and customer satisfaction to any facility management program. 

In Freeland’s 35 years of experience providing concierge security, some of the most memorable moments came from the human connection. 

In one dental clinic, a man arrived for his appointment in terrible pain and an even worse temper. The Security Ambassador from Freeland deescalated the tense situation between the patient and clinic staff and the man was able to safely be seen by a dentist. After his appointment, the man came back to the Freeland team, apologized for his behavior, and thanked them for their professionalism and kindness in his time of need. The clinic staff were also incredibly grateful for the support of the Security Ambassador. 

Freeland’s concierge security services kept the clinic staff from getting into a patient conflict, maintained the clinic workflow, helped the agitated patient calm down before his appointment, and protected the rest of the patients and staff from an escalating situation. 

Polite protection, conflict prevention and de-escalation, up-to-date technology, and experienced, credible  security consultation are just some of the hallmarks of Freeland’s concierge security services in Syracuse, New York. 


Security services are classified as two types: public and private. Public security involves law enforcement, like the sheriff’s office and the FBI which are assigned large areas to protect and serve at any given time. Private security is provided by companies like Freeland to individuals and businesses.

Our concierge security services focus on you, customizing our approach to what is actually needed for your facility and clientele. While we work cooperatively with law enforcement when needed, our clients and business partners benefit greatly from our focused attention and custom security planning!

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