Private Investigation

At Freeland, no case is too complicated. We always begin the process with a free and confidential initial consultation. 

our discreet, professional team will immediately get to work gathering the evidence needed to help your case.

Freeland’s investigative experience, diversity, technology — and above all, our commitment to truth and justice– are making a difference for people and businesses in our community right now!


Freeland performs extensive background investigations which include performing a full civil and criminal records check as well as comprehensive research into assets and liabilities – obtaining critical evidence that would otherwise be unavailable to our clients. Only about 33% of investigators offer background checks as a part of their services and specialties.


Freeland’s experience in surveillance, technological forensics, and personal interviews provides our clients with key evidence to win their civil cases. Surveillance photographs, telling social media posts, and seemingly unimportant comments are just a few of the details Freeland has uncovered to help our clients find the truth and get justice. We take the time to review everything for your case!


Freeland’s corporate investigative services include fraud investigations, accident reconstructions, background checks, surveillance, legal defense, and proprietary information tracking. Whether you need to research a new business partner or prepare for litigation, we will leave no stone unturned in the search for truth. 

Forensic Services

Freeland’s team offers modern investigative workflows to help us obtain digital forensic data from computer devices. We can then use the data recovered to help move investigations forward, help you prepare for litigation, and get justice.

DID YOU KNOW? Freeland Investigative Services has assisted both plaintiffs and defendants find truth and get justice!


Freeland Investigative Services has over 35 years of investigative experience in both the public and private sectors. Our founder, Virgil Hutchinson entered law enforcement with the express purpose of securing justice for those most vulnerable. 

While law enforcement, the justice system, and the Constitution of the United States provide us with many elements of security and justice, many people don’t have the resources to make best use of these protections. 

Whether it’s finding a long lost family member, protecting a family business from costly litigation, or proving innocence in a case of mistaken identity, Freeland is committed to delivering peace of mind to all of our individual and corporate clients and the community at large. 

When injustices happen, Freeland promises to use every resource available to be that missing link between chaos and calm.

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